# Debug Tool

In order to verify if everything is in check before listing your courses on Classpert, we offer a debug tool on our Index Tool Dashboard. Just click on the Debug Tool link in the navigation bar (at the top) and fill in the path of a course page on your website you want to check for correctness. Classpert Bot will scrape this page and the first thing it will look for is the presence of our Classpert JSON.

This tool will log any integration error that will occur when our bot crawls a specific course page. Upon successful processing, this tool will render our course UI components, just like they would appear throughout Classpert's website, giving you a preview of how your data will actually show up on Classpert and let you correct any mistake before we crawl and publish your courses.

The URL's domain in the debug tool field should match any of your verified domains.

If everything looks good, go ahead and enable the scraping by clicking Enable Indexing in the Indexing Status section of the domain you just debugged.